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Originally Posted by kamek View Post
I've seen too many people swear by the AA tune who are very ecstatic about its minimal gains, and I affirmatively use the word "minimal" given my first hand experience. Those reviews have said such things as "pushed me back in my seat" and "smile I can't get off my face," and the like. If there's any expression on my face, it's of confusion as I'm trying to figure out what it has actually done for my car.
Thanks for the refreshingly unbiased review. People severely underestimate the power of placebo. There are entire industries run on that stuff. Human beings are very unreliable detectors, and any comment like "I definitely felt a difference", whether it is about an ECU re-flash, or a pure silver speaker cable, or a $1M violin, or a $100 bottle of wine, etc etc, doesn't mean jack without reproducible measurements to back it up.

I would personally pay that much money only to fix up the throttle delay, as I find it very annoying when I try to heel and toe. But I'm not surprised the power gain is very modest.