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Originally Posted by kaigoss69
Those Pioneers don't work well, they have been tried. Besides, if you're dead set on getting a trunk sub, you need mid bass drivers under the seats, not wannabe subs!
Thanks Kaigoss, having looked more at the UK base system, the underseats are 6.5" any way which will allow me get the mid sound I'm after, i think. Possibly get a 10" for rear instead of 12". I'll go and listen to them first before making a decision.

I'm more pursuaded to go active and buy my "component set" individually without the crossovers, using 80PRS or even the 99PRS.

EDIT: scrap the 99PRS, for the price I could go Bit One. Saw a use of the ipad camera connector to get digital audio to a bit one, only problem is charging.

If i went Bit one i can still have an active system, right? Looking at it more Buying the Hertz Mille drivers without the crossovers would be at the max of my budget for speakers.
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