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I tried listening to David Lee Roth & it's like nails on a chalkboard. What the F is up with the background music the whole time? He seriously needs a co-host to banter with, because by himself the show is absolutely horrible.

But as for Howard today...

...he rocks on Sirius. Some highlights:
* George Takei (oh my) is the official show announcer. He's live all this week with Howard & really fits in with the crew.

* Secrets were revealed today, but not WHO the secret belongs to. Off the top of my head, some of the secrets are... ONE SHOW MEMBER HAS ...gone into a closet while his family was in the house and jerked off... ...had cosmetic surgery... ...have masturbated with meat and vegetables... ...gotten caught cheating on his wife... ...within the last few months, paid for a girl's abortion... ...had a man "finish" all over his chest...

* Howard announced that over the break he and Beth O got married.

* A few minutes later he said he was only kidding.

* Beetlejuice came in and was speaking perfect English. Apparently the last 10 years have all been an act & he's actually a college grad.

* If you believe the last one, you must be on crack.