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Originally Posted by Quasimodem View Post
I think you meant to say that you should NOT let the caliper hang on the brake hose.

I agree, the job is harder than others seem to indicate here and it takes longer unless you have worked on similar cars before. I was not familiar with floating calipers and I nearly sh!t a brick when the front calipers started coming apart (you have to hold each caliper together because the two halves will try to slide apart).

1. Yes, you must be careful with the brake hose/hydraulic lines.
2. Yes, to do the job right, you would need to resurface or replace the rotors too.
3. Dont forget to bed-in the brakes. IMHO this involves using the brakes in the city lightly for around 150 miles and then accelerating to 60 and decelerating to around 5 mph as rapidly as possible without locking the brakes -- around five times in a row. Do a Google search to confirm this, there are different theories and different methods for different kinds of brake materials.
Thanks. Good catch. Corrected.

Agree with your point 3 as well.