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Originally Posted by Blindside_137
I love vettes, my dad currently has a 427 Z06 Convertible and it is a beauty.

The new C7 just has way too much going on, especially some negative aspects of the rear.

1) I don't know who on earth thought 4 exhaust tips in a row looks better than the spaced out grouping of 2+2, but it looks so stupid.

2) Why the EFF is the black diffuser so massive?!?! It should come up half as high as it does.

3) Tail light idea is cool but it is already on the camaro. So that was another dumb move I think. They should have had this new design saved for the next gen camaro, and tried some type of progression of what the C6 had in the rear.

This vette could have been a lot classier looking IMO. It looks like a clusterfuck honestly, and as someone posted earlier, Ferrari did it right aerodynamically AND aesthetically. The vette may have great aerodynamics, but it doesn't look clean.

In black it will be badass though, the vents will not be as pronounced and that massive diffuser will not be noticeable.
+1 the rear is just plain weird. The front is great IMO

Should look great in black or Any dark colors!
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