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Originally Posted by DarkAnt335i View Post
I was the same about the tax paid the 400+ tax on my 59 MPS and also the 335i and was worth it to run the cars. Although its quiet refreshing now to only have to pay 270.

Also worth remembering to get the full power from the DISI engine you need to run Super Unleaded. The 330i runs just fine on standard fuel.

I'm with dopper99 - Get an e46 M3 if you can stretch that far... amazing value cars . + The tax is only 270 IIRC
Yes, I always used the higher octane fuels... made a massive difference.

Another characteristic of the engine was white smoke when sitting in a lot of traffic for too long... it was nothing wrong with car though.

Mine was black... I can email you photos if you like. It was really a smart car and definitely underrated. I do miss it's sure-footedness.

PM me your email address if you want photos, or the Reg number.