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Originally Posted by ********* View Post
Those rails just pop up. They're held in by like 5 or 6 clips I think. Start from the back (like in the OP's picture) and use a small flathead screwdriver. You can use the seal on the rear windshield as leverage. You'll probably break the first clip or 2 but after you get the second clip up you can slide the rail'll just come off.

The seals are glued in but they're easy to take off and replace too. I didn't even reglue mine. They just slid back in.

You could also vinyl the trim. I didn't have that peeling but I vinyled mine matte black. Just make sure you sand the paint flat otherwise the chipping will show through.
Did you by chance do this? I just got my 325i and the drivers side roof trim is chipped really bad. The passenger side looks fine. If it is easy to pull off I may just remove sand and paint it tomorrow. It is really bugging me. Thanks in advance for an help.