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Originally Posted by NeedaDiesel_335D View Post
My EGR valve was replaced only 500 miles before this ordeal, so I'm sure most of the carbon buildup occurred before that. If someone could convince me that the new EGR valve would correct/significantly reduce carbon buildup, I may stop my search for a new car. I must have asked the SA 10 times (we talked a lot over the 3+ weeks they were correcting the problem) about preventing the buildup and he never mentioned the new EGR. I tend to put 20 - 25k miles a year on my cars and would love to keep this one a while.
If it's any consulation, most SA's have no idea what they are talking about. Becoming an SA requires no special training, so unless you have a reason to put a lot of stock in what your SA is telling you, don't.

I am not sure anyone can convince you the new EGR replacement/reprogamming will correct the issue - it's still to new of a fix. May I suggest contacting BMW NA regarding the EGR campaign and your recent carbon build-up problem. Explain to them you and others shared your experience here on E90Post. Inquire about the EGR recall/reprogramming and whether it should solve the problem The representative know you intend to share their response here on E90Post. Good luck to you and whatever you decide.

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