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Rotors and brake pads

Ok so I have searched and have gotten mixed feedback on some of the options. For daily driving mixed in with some sprint I am looking for a great pad with low brake dust. I have read good reviews on cool carbons as well as hawk hps. Also the ebc red stuff etc. You guys help me out on that.
Rotors is my main concern reading through the post. I have 19inch forgestars f14s so you can see the rotors pretty apparently. I would like drilled and slotted either or doesn't matter. I was leaning towards stop techs but have read a lot of bad reviews the ECS geomet which are always out of stock anyway are out because I can't wait another month or two. I was wondering about brake and r1 concepts haven't read many negative reviews about r1 concepts. I love the look of the ebc ultimax slotted rotors in zinc black even though pricey I wouldn't say money is to much of a concern when it comes to brakes on my car. Zimmerman is what the majority likes I would just like to find a reputable dealer who can maybe provide pads and rotors on one order. Help me out guys and if you have pictures of the rotors that would help.
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