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I am sorry, I usually stay out of this and I am in no way taking any sides on any of this. But "bent" on having a company provide R&D results on a product they are making money off of. Thats the whole responsibility of being a vendor selling products. This is exactly why we sold 5 sets stage 2 of turbos at less than cost to the beta testers. So we can provide hard data and R&D before a single thing is shipped at full price. It is the responsibility of the vendor to provide these results if they are selling a product and making claims of what it does. The parallel rig I set up, "SHOULD" work based off the numbers and other parallel systems. But it has no hard data yet and I def wouldn't start selling it. I think Vishnu and FFTEC make great products, but for you to to honestly say they have better things to do then provide hard R&D data on products they are selling is a pretty irresponsible statement if you ask me. Again let me be clear, this is not taking any sides, just think that yes vendors (any vendors) do owe their customers hard R&D data for products they are selling. Just my .02 cents.
I agree, but this pump is running in more than just my car with positive results and my car wasn't the first to get this pump. So the pump was well tested before it was released. I think they could have done a better job of marketing the pump and providing information which could have dispelled a lot of the negative banter that proceeded their announcement on the forum.

As the graph I provided indicates, the higher the restriction, the better pumps in series will perform in comparison to single and parallel. The one thing that most people haven't taken into consideration is surge. If the surge doesn't exceed what a single pump can provide, then parallel pumps will deliver the volume. If not, then the only option is series. Just depends on how restrictive our system truly is. So I'm really looking forward to seeing how the parallel pumps perform in a car that is having LPFP issues.

I find it funny that after 20 years, I'm back to running fuel pumps in series. I had a booster pump on my '93 MR2.