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Update: So, I ended up buying it! I got it for $2500 off list, which is still more than I wanted to pay but she was a good salesperson. I don't have any good pics yet because I didn't get out of the dealer and back home until it was dark outside. Still can't believe I went through with it.

Original warranty through October 2014 or 50k miles (might happen slightly sooner). CPO warranty through October 2016 or 100k miles.

To my surprise the original warranty comes with free maintenance. I had no idea. I might purchase extended maintenance through 100k miles for another $1800 or whatever it was. I did go with the tire protection. More pics eventually.

Original post below:
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So, I think I'm finally ready to buy the car I've been waiting and saving for. I figured I may have some questions along the way so why not start a thread and get some help from all of the knowledgeable enthusiasts here.

I've never actually purchased from a dealer before, and I don't have any experience with BMWs, but I've had my heart set on a 3 series for a while. After months of reading and researching, I've decided I want an E92 2011 (N55 engine) 335i.

The CPO inventory on this model appears to have all but dried up from the market for some reason, but I'm still looking. I came across one about 55 miles away from me. Here is the carfax:


My questions:

1) I noticed in the carfax that the fuel pump has already been replaced. Is this a good or bad thing, or is there no way of knowing?
2) Anything else jump out at you guys from the Carfax?
3) Any other general buying tips or suggestions you guys have?

I'm not sold on that color at all, but I'd like to at least take it for a test drive or something.

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