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Crap spark plug socket stuck in chamber

Its stuck on in a weird position because its not straight up its lying against the side of the chamber and needle nose pliers arent working, magnet isnt working and a small screw driver isnt lifting it enough for me to get a socket around it anyways.

Any ideas? Has this happened to anyone before? I figured itd be pretty easy but wow this thing got stuck fast

I did get several turns in but when I pulled the socket off to check to see how much was left because it was taking forever thats how somehow it got stuck. My only hope I think is I can get the socket lifted off the wall enough to get the socket back on it and get the plug out?
How many threads are these plugs cause I figured it would've been out by now.

But now I have this problem and I dont want to pry too hard with a screw driver and break the chamber cause it just seems like hard plastic