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Still crooked and bent

Last update from me.

After I posted on this thread, Peter the owner of Big Motoring World got in touch and promised to set everything right.

So I went to their showroom, was there for half the day.
They told me they've fixed the sensors etc.
Which I promptly checked, turns out they didnt!

Asked them why lie about somethin like that?!
Peter the owner told me to return and he'll video the repair takin place.
So I went there again, they told me they've fixed the sensors.
Guess what I see when I checked? I've still got my old sensors on there!!!

I told Peter the owner of Big Motoring World, that I'll be gatherin a group of people and go to Tradin Standards, he asked me to give them one last chance, which I very naively accepted.

They took my car before Christmas, kept it for two weeks.
They were supposed to fix the grinding noise and the sensors.
Got a call statin that all's been fixed.
Went there to pick up the car, turns out the crooks didnt fix anything.
Sensors still mash up, grindin noise still there, full tank of diesel returned empty!!!

These a**holes made me run about for over a month for nothing.

They're crooks and conmen, bottom line.
They feed you sugar laced with crack.

To anyone wishin to purchase from these thieves, dont dont bother, you're better off doing the followin:

1. Go to an actual trader with good reviews online, make sure you do ur checks as well i.e use AA or RAC to also perform checks (if u're a bit like me)
Make sure to also get a checklist of things to look out for from knowledgeable forum members.

2. Go to a private seller and do the above.

Dont trust any trader or seller when buyin a car, this advice is for noobs like me, they're main objective is to get rid of the car, get your own checks done, like hpi etc.

Thanks again people, much appreciate all your input.