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Originally Posted by DieselDiner View Post
BMW has it now (BMW apps), but didn't have it during your model year. I have a 2011, and had to add the newer components, then have the car coded for the components.

It's a shame, cause like you mention, it's commonplace now. I think even a Chevy cruze has the feature, at least as an option.
Unfortunately this is the way of the world now though. "Comfort access" is automatic (and has been) with anything but the basest Nissans, yet its some special add in our cars. Air conditioned driver seats come standard in a Hyundai Genesis (have for some time), yet its not even an option in the 1er and 3er BMWs and has historically been a 3500-5000 dollar add to the 5s. Now at least it's down to 500 for the newer 5s. This alone was about an inch away from causing me to buy an isF. I'm glad I got the d, but every time I get into my wife's x5, im reminded that the diesels not quite perfect.

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