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Out of curiosity, would you spend an additional .15 / gallon to fill up at a reputable station instead of a mom & pop shop you didn't trust? Because that's about the premium if you buy the additives in 80 oz containers. T many, $.15/g is money well spent for piece of mind. Your thoughts?
I agree that the additives they use are well worth the money. Consider which additives they are using "higher levels of detergents" in order to reduce combustion chamber deposits. they have already put in a lot of petroleum based detergent "standard Stoddard Solvent" " Light petroleum solvent" etc.

Go back to the simple example:
You have 2000 gallons of dirty water in a pool, would you put 1 gallon of clean water in it and let your kids go swimming? More than likely you will have to add clean water & add something synthetic like chlorine/bromine. Again, to each his own
Uh, no.

My best choice is to have it all:

1. Brand name diesel with the best additives in there already
2. The price at $.15 below everyone else at a mom and pop station
3. High volume station because of #1 and #2 above.

I already do this and have no problems with any of my diesel cars.

Its what to do on long trips that I would like data on aftermarket additives. Arguing over theoretical numbers (ASTM and lubricity with no data on other parameters, lack of data from fleet users etc.) is my problem.

No data means all there is is sales hype and faith is what is left: opinion. Not enough for me, but others need to choose wisely.