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Originally Posted by coopersim View Post
Beginning to wonder if winter tyres would have paid off, left the car at work this morning and trained it home
That is a whole new thread but don't forget...

Buying a new set of used alloys, putting winter rubber on them firstly allows you to recoupe the cost of the alloys on resale and saves on 6months worth of wear on the more expensive summer tyres. Therefore it can be cost affective providing you buy used and sensibly.

The benefit is, you are a lot safer if you need to drive in snow, less likely to get stuck if caught in snow, say if it snows whilst at work and most importantly, for me, unlikely to get wet shoes if you have to abandon the car

Downside is, you could be stuck in a massive traffic jam with every other idiot or doesnt have winter tyres and has got stuck. Plus as someone else found out, some people think they are invincible in the snow, end up crashing into you. Bit like my neighbour, he was coming and going all day friday when it hammered it down. He has a newish landrover defender with all the shit attached to it. I've never seen him drive it so much. He stacked it and now has a courtesy car sitting on the drive way. Some matiz thing.