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Originally Posted by Vargasturbotech View Post
Honestly no idea why you have picked up the torch and have taken it upon yourself to be the knight for this pump upgrade. I honestly think it works. But for the flow you are getting it is way overpriced. But everyone in business is in business to make money. But if you are going to charge triple what anyone with an internet connection can get the pump for, there should be some hard numbers and facts as to why. Look into any high horsepower platform and, they either run one massive pump or two pumps in parallel. Booster pumps and pumps in series have always been and always will be a band-aid approach. They work don't get me wrong but if its being touted as the "solution" then I might not agree. Take a look at this graph, sure pumps in series hold up better in higher pressure, but we do need to run higher pressures, we are looking for flow. In that case series do not hold a candle to a parallel set up. With that I am signing out of this discussion. I think all this talk is good for the platform and its coming along nicely.
We all need to stand for something. Can't let hate dictate progress. I agree it's overpriced today, but at the time I was ok with paying $475 which included install. It fixed my issues and hopefully it will keep up when I upgrade turbos. I think parallel pumps will also be a good option as long as they can keep up with pressure drops at surge. Wish I had the time and money to do the R&D. Good luck with testing. Really looking forward to seeing the outcome. The pictures of your parallel pump setup looked promising.