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For those of you running 15psi+ on E85 with *NO METH*, what do your intake temps look like?

I've run E85 for the last year... about 3.5-4 gallons per tank and the sound, smell, and feel of the car is great, but without meth or FMIC my intake temps at the dragstrip are over 170F by the end of the traps....

E85 may keep you from knocking (which ultimately is the most important thing), but according to my logs, the DME reduces timing advance when IAT's rise, even if it's NOT seeing knock. Supposedly, this is the main benefit of the (N54 only) Vishnu E85 flash... it takes away the IAT ign ret. from the DME...

So what I'm saying is... E85 will not allow you to run high boost at maximum power unless you have something to reduce IATs... an FMIC will do this for single or short 2-gear pulls, but even an FMIC will struggle at the end of the dragstrip.

If you go Meth, there is arguably no reason for an upgraded FMIC (besides better flow, which gains from just flow are extremely minimal).

That's where I'm at... do I drop $1,000 on a responsibly built (trunk mount, stainless lines, etc) meth kit? ... or be happy with what I've got .... stuck at 12.80's with procede/dp/exh.