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Sucks for you man, thats some BS ticket. One the way down to SD friday night I almost got pulled over 2 different times, but both times saved by some other dumbass who made bigger violations. First I pulled in the gas station on Sand Canyon right off the 5, but I made an illegal left crossing solid double yellows, and saw two cops hiding in the dark in front of me. They both pulled out and turned on their lights and I thought I'm a gonner. They pulled into the gas station behind me, but got behind an IS instead and proceeded to give the driver a field sobriety test.

Then on 5 south, I was going about 95, and all of a sudden saw a CHP in front of me, I broke out in cold sweat and tapped on the brake and slowly pulled behind him. He changed lane immediately and I thought he was going to slow down to get behind me, but instead, he sped up, pulled into carpool and dragged a red IS (again!) to the side. I was going 80 the rest of the night.

Originally Posted by 2006bmw
I don't think it is actually illegal to wait for the pedestrian to go past your car and turn. I'm pretty sure there is nothing in the VC which says that you cannot turn while the pedestrian is still in the crosswalk, as long as you actually give him the right of way. I would look into fighting it.

I just got an illegal tint ticket. The cop pulled me over only for that, and my tint is actually pretty light, 35%. The world is now that much safer...
In CA, you HAVE to wait until the ped clears the sidewalk. Meaning, from the moment they step off the curb to the time they get back on, you cannot turn. But usually cops don't trip as long as the peds are far from you.