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Originally Posted by 07lilredwagon View Post
Does the tapping increase with engine speed?

Talk to us about your maintenance regimen....oil changes on time, proper oil, etc...?

I think you may need to employ an inexpensive tool called a stethoscope. any autoparts store has them.....I have used a length of hose and small funnel in a pinch...but you basically put the end of the hose on different parts of the engine until you locate the tapping...(yes, while it is running....but PLEASE BE CAREFUL around the spinning and whirling bits)

Once you have isolated the sounds to where they are the loudest you can deduce whats wrong.

Use a second person to get in the car, and with their foot on the brake, put the car in drive, then in reverse, you may be able to hear whats going on when the "boot" is open.

good luck....

So I only put purchased the car in September and the car has a full service history. The car is due for a service next month, oil levels are fine. I topped it up recently with 0W30esp MobilOne which BMW recommend you use on the car.

I took the car to a mechanic today who is a friend of a friend, he stuck it on the MOT test that shakes the car from side to side and went underneath the car.

He was adamant that the sound is coming from the front arm on the suspension on the passenger side that has worn and is knocking. He showed me the movement and says that the other one has wear so it's better to replace both. Recommended that I look on GSF and europarts.

So he recommended that I go for the Lemforder brand plus europarts have discount on all parts at the moment. But I'm wondering if its better to go to BMW and pay the premium, will they be any better then the Lemforder part?

Plus I'm wondering if I also have to replace the bushes?