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Originally Posted by Figure807 View Post
Something's wrong if it's that stuck. Lefty loosy, righty tight, magnet doesn't work. Hmm. Is it already loose but you just can't get it out? In that case, I'd make a slip knot noose and pull it out if you can't find a magnet strong enough. If you're still turning it and it's not coming out, then it may be stripped. Are you 100% sure the socket is making full contact? Try fitting the socket on one of the new spark plugs to make sure that it's the right depth. After that, I'm all out of ideas.
I dont have a new plug I was just wanting to check the ones in there since I just bought the car 500 miles ago. I cant be sure its making full contact but it sure felt like it but it also felt like the socket was slipping over the siding of the plug.

In that pic posted above it shows a socket that is attached to an extension. The socket Im using has to have another socket go over it just to turn it. There is no hole to have a ratchet or attachment go into it. Only another socket can turn it.
Is it possible to use a MM or standard socket? Cause my supposedly bmw socket does not look like that one in the pic