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Originally Posted by ign335i View Post
Hate dictate progress? Why don't you let fact dictate progress rather than trying to stifle it by injecting BS about the physics and realities of these pumps and their performance? All anyone wanted was data, now that we got it, the results are pretty clear. The FFTEC setup is not the best way to make use of 2 pumps and can even be out performed with a single pump costing 1/3 as much you restrict the venturi.

What did you bring to the table? Assumptions? Who was stifling? Obviously you were by claiming the single Walbro would outperform the series pumps. You did say that multiple times didn't you? Pumps in a tub tells me a whole lot of information. Will the single handle a surge without pressure drop? I hope so, but until someone puts this in their car and tunes with 100% e85 and pulls through multiple gears with aggressive boost and timing, I don't think we have conclusive data. I hope it works. We need a cost effective solution. So stop the childish banter with your coat-tail assumptions.