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Originally Posted by Stucks View Post
Lol I don't go multi trolling on several different forums. The gti owner corrected you after you didn't read, themyst corrected you on the topic of protunes flatlining, themyst clarified that I don't need the iso upgrade to run the flatline fix so cutting the diodes (as you critisized me about) might not solve my issue....what's next? i have the wrong downpipes? lol Just give it a rest buddy.
Kiddo, Why are you talking about flat lining now haha

Youre the idiot that knowingly runs a tune that causes overboost CEL. You have a g5 board but wont update it to iso cause your happy the way it runs now...

Not sure why your spreading your lies on this forum now, after I told you to PM me on the other...

Im done with you.