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Originally Posted by 135gofast View Post
Does the gauge rise to 27psi and stop abruptly, or slow down and gently stop at that point?

The gauge in my car definitely slams into the max and is pegged there for a decent amount of the rev band.
The sequential twin turbo setup responds wonderfully fast. In a full fueling application the boost snaps to max and hovers there (falling slightly at higher rpn's) for nearly all the effective rpm range. See attached for some data on a 335d with the Evolve remap using the Bavarian Technic tool (data is in mbar and includes normal atmospheric pressure... ~14.5 psi or 1000 mbar or 1 bar).

Try using different levels of thrust with the skinny pedal and watch the Torque boost reading. You should see varying amounts of boost recorded by the Torque app that's proportional to your skinny pedal application. On the car where the data was collected the Torque app agrees very closely to the Bavarian Technic data read from the actual MAP sensor, and correlates well with the water/methanol controller settings that is tied directly into the MAP sensor.
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