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Large ROCK CHIP. Advice. No repaint.

Hello all

On my way back home.... a large semi-truck kicked a huge rock towards my car on the highway.....I saw the rock coming..but unable to take evasive action. I just stared at this huge rock coming towards me. Heard a loud pop. Thinking my head lights were shot...

Got home and this what I saw.

See picture
Paint chipped. Paint lifting at the edge 5mm beyond the damaged area.
Most likely gonna have to remove those loose fragments.
Superimposed a DIME onto the pic for reference.
Decided to put electrical tape over it for the time prevent any more lifting.

What would be the best way to fixed this?
I've look at Touch up paint plus LANKA...

Dont want a repaint at this that is the only defect on the bumper.
Any recommendation on a PROFESSIONAL repair without repainting the whole bumper in LAS VEGAS or LOS ANGELES (I DO DRIVE BACK AND FORTH once a month)....

Any tips on a DIY?

-remove the loose non-bound down fragments..which will make this even bigger.
-Touch up paint. Lanka?

Also do I have to wait 30 days for the paint to cure after using touch up paint...before polishing and waxing?

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