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Recently replaced the rear pads when the warning came in (was indicating 1000 miles left). Upon inspection the warning was pretty accurate. Did not replace the sensor because it was not damaged, but did buy one. After replacing the pads, tried to reset the warning. All I could get it to display was ------- on the rear. Tried to reset it several times with the same results. I am not sure if I accidently reset the front, but it was also showing ------ and the red lift indicator was displaying. Installed the new sensor in the rear and then tried the reset - showed 1200 miles and the front was ----- with the red lift indication still on. Took the old sensor and cut it 2" below the connector and stripped the insulation back to expose the 2 wires and taped these together. Disconnected the front brake pad sensor at the junction box and plugged in the modified sensor. Performed a reset and everything reset and displayed properly, 36000 front and 24000 back. Removed the modified sensor and reinstalled the front sensor and everything is good to go. Hope this helps others with reseting the brake warnings.