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And as a Giants fan, the fact remains that the Giants are still a better team than the 49ers this year. They blew them out in SF. 49ers sucked big time.

I had to put that jab in there. lol

After my Giants didn't make the playoffs I rooted for the 49ers in the NFC and Ravens in the AFC and got what I wanted. Atlanta has always sucked and I didn't want New England in there. They are just poor sports.

Whats pathetic is Tom Coughlin said in an interview that the Giants got lazy and were not giving 100% since they were SB champs already, thus them not playing with heart down the stretch. Teams should always play 100%.

I think the NFC will win this year but want Ray Lewis to get one more ring on his way out. If you compare common opponents, the Ravens blew out the Giants and the Giants blew out the 49ers. lol