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Originally Posted by Pseudo Nim View Post
I was tweaking the instrument cluster config... but the config files off which I was working were old - and the damn dealer flashed my ECU to the latest version that was dated mid-November 2012. Let's just say it was not easy to find this "in the wild", considering even my BMW contacts didn't have access to it... but nothing is impossible on the Internet. So I finally unscrewed it and it runs fine now.

The lesson I learned from this... I think there is no way you can fuck up feature coding you'd have to do something *pretty bad* to mess it up if even coding with wrong files just creates several hours of uncontrollable amusement as the worst side effect.
so what cool features did you put into the mini with the new config ? i am always amazed at what you can do to a car with a lap top. lol.

18inch tires are better for track cos the 18" wheels generally weigh less than 19" wheels... note, this is assuming you compare two wheels of the same make and model. you DO lose some turn-in precision (as george mentioned) when going with 18s instead of 19s but i think lower weight would be more obvious to the average driver than the loss in precision.

oh and 18s are better for our 3rd world roads in montreal... you wont bend rims so easily. only downside is that it limits you if you have a bbk in mind for the future.

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