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Originally Posted by E92 M Sport
N55 began in 2011 for the E92. Corporate fleet usually means service loaner from all the cars I've looked at, across different brands as well. The only thing here is the car was registered to BMW directly, from the corp office, not a dealer. So this might have been driven by BMW employees. Ask them to be sure. Also, my car had 4 new tires installed prior to purchase, around the same mileage as this car has. The Carfax shows only 2 being replaced. Might want to look at that. Have them put the car on a lift for you to check out prior to purchase also.
As far as general buying tips, try to buy it closer to the end of the month.
Good luck.
Thanks for the tip. I'll make sure to remember to ask those questions. The earliest I would be able to go out and test drive it is on the 26th, so I'm sure that's close enough to the end of the month. I I plan to make an aggressive cash (personal check) offer if I like the test drive and see how they respond.

I'm starting to wish there were more cars available with the M Sport package because the front grille looks so much better and so does the steering wheel, but that seems pretty rare to find. If they don't accept an offer lower than the asking price for this car then I will probably just wait.