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New E93 with HiFi: Continuous hiss from speakers even with ignition off!

I just got my brand-new 2013 328i Convertible on Thursday, and I love it to bits already, and although I have been lurking on this particular forum for a while with speculative thoughts for upgrading the stock HiFi sound system with a Technic harness and a JL amp, I have something unexpected to report first...

There is a low hiss from all six speakers all the time, whether there is music playing (radio or USB, haven't tried a CD or the Aux input yet), regardless of volume (even zero) or if the stereo is turned off, and even when the ignition is turned off and the key out!

It's obviously drowned out when music is playing or the engine is running, but quite obvious when all else is quiet.

I see a bunch of threads here about hiss problems with modified systems, but none about the stock system, and certainly none that I've found that describe a hiss when the car is turned off!

At the very least I'm worried that the factory amp is somehow on all the time and it's going to flatten the battery.

As a secondary problem, I also get the occasional GSM chirping interference when my iPhone 5 (AT&T) is in the centre console cup-holder (non-iDrive), which is annoying because that's the perfect place to put it while driving. The noise goes away if I lift the phone a few inches out of the cupholder, so I guess it's affecting wiring under there.

Thoughts, anyone? Obviously I can talk to the dealer (about the first issue at least), but I thought I'd float it here first...