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If u go to Fields in Daytona just give Tony a call...he's great, apparently they actually like their customers at Fields BMW...go figure. I have bought several from them in the past few years now that I would have preferred to buy and service locally but Tom Bush BMW sucks at customer service. Another thing...I don't think Tom Bush BMW ever cleans out their loaner cars...every time I got one it was disgustingly dirty. The last time I got a car from them it was pretty obvious that the previous driver had Taco Bell from the shredded cheese and lettuce on the passenger seat...oh, and the Taco Bell wrappers on the floor in the back.

Congrats on the new'll love it, I can't help but grin every time I drive it. I was afraid that it would do alot of sitting in my garage when faced with driving the M3 vs. driving the 335 every day but the M3 only sees rare duty on weekends these days.