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Originally Posted by NuBeetle View Post
Ha! In fact our stock E9X LCI muffler is pretty good at low and mid range performance, since there's a flap valve in the muffler while PE doesn't have.
But sound wise, PE is superb! Try do some other modifications to go with your PE, such as BMS PBX / AA Tune, a high flow filter / air intake system, Okada plasma direct coil pack, etc. I believe the outcome will be nice for our N52 engine!
What is AA Tune? any idea how is the bmw performance air intake?

Originally Posted by NuBeetle View Post
P.S. The staff from the parts shop told me that our Euro spec. E9X LCI 323i 325i comes with a sport muffler (with flap valve) as stock, which was equipped with M-SPORT E9X 323i 325i in Pre-LCI period.
if our cars come with sports muffler stock then why does it sound like a pussy?
there is no stock sound at all.
Is no 20 in diag the flap valve you talking about? this is my exhaust diag i got from real oem.

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