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Originally Posted by krhodes1 View Post
If you have a mechanic who says brake fluid and coolant never need to be replaced please find a new mechanic.

I follow my own, I change the oil every 5k miles, brake fluid and coolant annually, belts/hoses biennially. This is my first automatic so I will decide how often I want to change them up this summer.

I always overdo it. Maybe its why I still have a running E30 in the garage (well, I CAN run, I just never drive it). I dont just consider the fact that fluids are supposed to last X amount of years, they are also engine cleaners. Changing them more often clears out carbon, metal flakes and soaps that can build up over a long time and wear or clog components. Probably not in 3-5 years but in 10+ years the difference will show.

I think the idea of long life or lifetime fluids really came into being when makers/dealers started providing services as part of warranties. They wanted to do as little as possible, that means as little maintenance as they can get away with while still making sure the car lives out the warranty. Once the warranty is out they don't care how long it lasts.

If you change cars constantly just use their plan, otherwise I would do my own in-between.