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Originally Posted by jacewong View Post

I have a question about turning off the car before the car reaches proper temperature. As I live about 1km from the gotrain and walking is not an option (don't ask ). Sometimes I have time to circle the area and run laps before I turn off the car, but not often.

I heard this is one of the worst things we can do to engines as the moisture (or carbon build up?) within the engine created don't have a chance to burn off and thus creates rust or issues within the engine.

Is this a legitiment concern with new engines, this being a thing of the past?
If this is all the car ever does you may have a problem with exhaust (moisture build up) but Nothing serious in engine. You need to get it up to temp to dry it out every now and then.

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I'm going to tag along as well to this question.

I know that if your ripping it and you turn your car off right away you destroy your turbos because they don't have a chance to cool down they basically stop and fry themself.
In theory thats a slight possibility butt you cant take everything you read literally. If that was the case there would be fried turbos everywhere. They get cooled...I've never heard of this happening to anyone.