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Originally Posted by Hotcoupe View Post
I'm guessing that the history of the kit you bought is unknown,so you don't really have any idea what sort of mileage the kit did prior to you buying it.

Most items on a car are subject to wear and tear,suspension is one of those components that suffers more than most.
There will always be an imbalance on the axle where one damper is far newer than the other,so you might find that to get the balance right,you'll need to adjust one damper to suit the other,which might prove impossible.

I realise money is indeed a factor,but a call to BC may well be best,as they might be able to overhaul both shocks at the same time,avoiding replacing with new.

Bilstein do a overhaul service,for an idea of cost,they charge 80.00 per shock + the return postage.

PS: You have an email
Hey Ian,
Thanks for the email Will reply later this PM I've just spoken with BC directly and very helpful chap indeed. It doesnt sound as bad as I thought it might be so hopefulyl a few emails to him with some pics might help diagnose the problem and come to a nice solution!

Fingers crossed.
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