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Hey everyone,

Ive been running the AlpineMSS HID AE kit for about a year (and only 5k miles). Ive started to notice that they might be yellowing, which is something i was afraid of. I am requesting photos of your stock inner angel eye rings to see if i am correct. I need high-resolution photos that clearly show the inner/outer rings while OFF.

I was assured by Alex@AlpineMSS that they would not yellow, due to the glass covering the HID bulbs and some other trickery he used. Unfortunately, i think he might be wrong. They yellowing isnt too bad yet, but i would love to get some answers and take them off if it is yellowing.

So, post up them photos! Ill post some photos of mine later today or tommorrow.

when you put that kind of heat in the headlight what did you think would happen.BMW had a reason for using the bulb that they did.