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From the DIY Section, this is the only info I could find:

Just take the seat out first, and then you'll see where to pry to get it off.

If it works the same as the non-electric sports seats you'll have to:

1. Remove the negative battery lead
2. Wait for a few minutes (we don't want any fault-codes)
3. Remove torx screws from front and back of seatrails
4. Push seat backwards in order to see to seatbottom
5. Remove wiring from junction-box
6. Lift seat out

You probably have to remove the seat adjustment modules first and then the whole sidecover. Get an L-shaped "pick" to pry the "nails" up on the backside of the sidecover.

It should't be much of a hassle, maybe half an hour of work.

This doesn't help terribly, but you can make out a screw hole on part no 10 on Real OEM here:

So my guess is it's a seat out job to get to it...