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Originally Posted by ucosta View Post
I guess i got a little better, but my take-offs are still not really strong, and they put water on the floor everywhere so sometimes my tires would be a bit wet. Those were street tires so had problems hooking and they may be almost done already. Thanks for the compliment bro.
My car is at the shop now. I'm waiting on the diagnostics. It sounds like a freaking subaru now.. it may be a bad coil. It is still drivable though.
That GTR is from High-End Automotive. It also has that sticker there on the side window. I don't know who is JoTech. Maybe they know each other.
sounds like a subaru? put your ears under the car or near the fender. if it makes that noise then maybe your exhaust gasket if burnt or loose or loose bolts. i've had this problem before and that was it. also for the water box you can DRIVE AROUND IT. no need to go through it unless your doing a wet burnout to warm up the slicks or normal burnout to warm up summer tires and such.
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My life is complete. Yodaime has commented on a post with my car in it.