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Originally Posted by crasa21 View Post
Just as the title states, I want to delete all catalytic converters. Will this throw any codes? Performance gains vs. sound? Don't really care about performance unless mpg increases.

The reason: I dented my exhaust pipe before the first cats and I can straight pipe a lot easier than replacing and re-welding everything.
The first (primary) cats are located in the exhaust headers so I can only assume you dented your exhaust before the 2ndary cats. People delete the 2nd cats all the time and it will not throw an error code because the last O2 sensor is well before that. From what I have been reading on the forums it should give you a bit of a gain in HP and every time you gain HP from the exhaust side you should gain a slight amount of fuel economy. I can't comment about your emission laws but I hear that the primary cat does most the work so you should be fine.