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Originally Posted by kamek View Post
This is completely inaccurate, but I'm using it as an example: If you tap your throttle all the way down with your stock ECU, it'll rev up to, say, 4K RPM. If you tap your throttle all the way down with a flashed ECU with a more responsive throttle, it'll rev to, say, 5K RPM.

What happens is that it removes the delay when the throttle actuates, so you'll feel a more immediate response from pressing the gas.

For rev-match downshifting pre-tune, I used to have to press the gas, wait a half second for the delay to pass, then do my downshift to give my car time to make it up to the appropriate RPM. Post-tune, I can now just blip my throttle and downshift without worrying about a delay.

The tune from AA won't meet your expectations to play Jingle Bells with your throttle. You should let them know that you want it more/extra responsive.
Thanks for the clarification! to your other response, are you saying I can have my throttle extra sensitive?
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