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Originally Posted by mccannable View Post
ok, ocala bmw says clicking is pressure release solenoid when at full lock and normal. I do not believe this to be the case. Check engine light was o2 sensor post cat.

is it normal for dealer to charge a "shop supplie fee" of $20/hour? I am aware of shop supply fees but that seemed a bit high. also they charged shipping for the 02 sensor. I can't say I have ever paid for shipping before... if its normal then i will shut up and move on.
I've never heard of a service center charging shipping, unless it was not a stocked item (2-3 days in most cases to order standard stock order) so you had them overnight, as most dealers charge 10% of retail for shipping.

Shop supplies can vary from place to place, we normally are 7% or highest of $20, unless any fabrication has been done then we charge additional.

If you have questions just ask your SA, if it doesn't sound right with you run it by the SM and see what he has to say.

Good luck