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Originally Posted by petecollins View Post
Just when I thought I was having a good day I get a email from eBay saying a buyer has opened a dispute over a phone I sold 43 days ago.

Its my own fault I'm just to nice. I sold a phone to a guy in Estonia for 200 as he only paid 8 for postage I didn't get the item tracked, he seemed genuine enough.

He is now saying 'where is the phone'. He deals with phones all day long I have checked his feedback. I would honestly believe the guy if I didn't read his feedback. He trys this scam once a month gets full refund and leaves negative feedback, fantastic.

I am now -200 in my PayPal account.

I need to make this guy suffer 2 wrongs in this situation make a right.
This is my Karma I'm a genuine guy but I will not be ripped off.
Same thing happened to me I sold a bike power commander for 150, bloke said he hadn't received it, didn't give it a second chance just wanted his money back, paypal didn't argue and I ended up losing 150. only consolation I managed to claim 40 off royal mail. I now send everything recorded.