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Well it used to be 9p per mile but its now just over 10p a mile.

To be fair there are other costs.. LPG servicing is 65/year

And i still have to put petrol into the car - petrol is used in the warm up stages as you drive off and it then seamlessly switches to lpg. Thus more petrol is used in the winter than spring/summer/autumn.

You need to keep at least 1/4 tank of petrol in the car to allow the petrol fuel pump to remain lubricated (this remains running even when your on lpg), In the winter the car uses 30 of petrol every couple of months, but in the summer it barely uses any petrol so i have to put a squirt of stabil in the petrol tank to help stop the petrol going stale.

Now if you were really taking it too far you can over-ride the car starting on petrol and make it start on LPG but this isn't recommended as i think it may risk some longer term damage to the ignition system.