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Originally Posted by ctuna View Post
Did you use the RCA outs.
How does the metra harness run the Inputs to the Hi Fi amp?
The Hi Fi amp is only meant to accept 5 volt differential signals.
If this thing hooks it up as common ground single ended Inputs it won't work. You will need a adaptor that converts to differential inputs.
Do you have pinouts of the metra harness and the OEM system.
When you say he checked it out do you mean measured with a meter.

The harness may assume the base system is
what you are working with not Hi Fi.
Going to try to answer your questions to the best of my ability...

- Didn't use any RCA outs.
- I'm not sure how the harness runs the inputs to the amp. I did not touch the amp during the install and all I did was connect the Metra harness to the OEM harness.
- Where would I find an adaptor that converst to differential inputs?
I used that link and mirrored the pin outs on my Metra harness exactly.
- He did not use a meter and just checked that everything was connected properly...

I thought the Metra harness was the only one I needed as I saw some other posts (see below) that mentioned it was just a simple BMW harness adapter that would do the trick. I tried PMing the guys that did the install but wasn't able to get a response. I see Technic's harness but I believe that harness is just for an upgrade of the OEM Hi-Fi amp?