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'55 320D auto sluggish and slow

Hey All,

I've just joined, so please be gentle.

My 2005 e90 320D 6 speed auto has started being very sluggish lately.

When I accelerate, it's pedestrian until around 2500rpm, when it feels like the turbo boosts and it accelerates normally. This is most noticeable between 30-50mph in 4-5th gear when you put your foot down, so unless the gearbox kicks down to increase revs above 2500, it doesn't go anywhere!
Should the turbo boost before this?

Some stats: 6th gear, 70mph, 2100rpm to 80mph, 2250rpm takes at least 10 seconds, before boosting.
5th gear, 60mph, 2200rpm to 70mph, 2500rpm takes at least 7 seconds.

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