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Could be a wording issue with the word “Launch”. The DCT has a launch control capability which as BuraQ states only works in 1st gear. You can however do standing start runs beginning in 2nd gear by selecting it with the paddles or stick when you are stopped.

These starts do not use the “launch control” program which means all the feathering has to be done with the throttle. There is no torque converter you can’t power brake like a true automatic.

In normal driving the DCT starts in first gear all the time unless you pick a different one with the paddles or stick.

335is DCT 4:78 + 2:56 = 7.34
335i coupe 4:17 + 3:46 = 7:63
335i sedan 4:71 + 3:15 = 7:86

Sedan is an 8spd Coupe is 7spd auto

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