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I think you finally got them closer to a slightly more "reasonable" price.

We have been taken to school by manipulative shop owners who made us feel cornered and without options. That is why we now are very specific with what we want and what we DONT want have to verbally outline everything up front. ( most of us dont know whats involved in a complicated job and dont know how to outline what we dont want....we are hoping to be dealing with an honest mechanic who has integrity....but often find we are just part of a larger system that has 8 ways from sunday to manipulate you.)

Biggest thing we came away with was this: Always tell any mechanic that you want no work done unless you give the verbal go ahead. outline up front what the diagnosis will cost, or at least get an estimate in writing!.....

You have one thing before you commit to any work being done. TIME. take it!...ask your questions elsewhere and get all the info you can, then go back the next day with a plan. They will be ready for you either way.....

I swear they try to derail you just for the sadistic pleasure of it all!...

I think you did well in the end. Good for you for sticking to your guns.