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Originally Posted by E36graduate View Post
I believe there was some issue with the front differential and an O ring being pressed in incorrectly during manufacturing, or something like that where others had problems.
Hmm well it could very well have been the factory seal. My oil filter housing has always been clean and dry; I know that I'll always keep an eye on it since the seal can be a common leak point.

NOW GET THIS: So it's been 1-2 weeks since I got my car back with a brand new front differential and I've put about 250 miles on it. The other day I decided to just check under to take a look and this is what I see. Am I going crazy or is it completely misaligned to the side of the oil pan?? Not only that, but it looks like theres a fresh leak where the seal is (take a look at my previous pics).

I swear all of the other pictures I took of it while it was leaking, before the replacement, show that joint lined up evenly...

Can anyone look at theirs and confirm my suspicions? Is it even possible for the dealership to position it incorrectly? I feel like I'll be needing to call my SA again...
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