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Originally Posted by HPB_guy View Post
Funny, we don't have any complaints about this issue on any of our new LED Angel Eyes from our customers and we have sold hundreds of these units. I know of only one issue with a TPMS sensor and we replaced the set, it was returned to us with a damaged wire which likely caused the issue. If you had an issue you should have contacted us about it. Posting here does zero to help you, plus you have an 07 model, they have all sorts of computer related issues to begin with, especially with lighting. Claiming others will have this issue is not at all true.
Funny, I did contact you when this happened, gave you a good week to respond, and when you didn't, I had to open a PayPal claim against you, to which you wrote an email, saying "we can't help you now". Real good Customer Service
Anyways, yea HPB will take back anything they sell, MINUS 20% restocking fee. Must take a lot of effort to put these AE back on the shelf...