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Alignment off

I have a 2010 335 xdrive with 25k miles I had to replace the front tires because the inside tread was gone. The outer looked new but the inside edge had steel tread exposed like the car drove on the very inside edge of the tire. I have a pull or drift to the right, I have to keep the wheel turned very slightly to the left to keep the car going straight once I let go the car moves to right gradually then dives right. I was told this would get better with new tires, and that BMWs have a tendency to always drift to the right by a BMW service department in the Dallas area. I have since taken my car to another dealer service department for the third time in the passed 10 days to get this taken care of, but no luck. The last time two shop supervisors checked off on it but it continues to do the same thing. The first thing they did was an alignment, next visit rotate the tires because they said I have uneven wear, last visit they adjusted the camber, but nothing has worked anyone have any input, please help.